Grilled Peach Skewers in an Impromptu Cubanelle Salsa

Greetings Flavour Lovers,

Peaches – those sweet summer treats – don’t need much help in the culinary department. But the question still remains, how to marry the best fruits of the season with the preferred cooking methods of the season? Why, Skewered Peaches!


This “recipe” isn’t too formal and the “instructions” are really just what I did. We ended up with a flavour smorgasbord, with each flavour area entertained.

What You’ll Need

2 Large ripe peaches (preferably organic)

1 tbsp of finely diced cubanelle peppers

Salt, lemon juice & sugar to taste



1) Peel peaches and slice them off the pit. Halve the slices to get cubes

2) Finely dice about 1/5 of of a cubanelle pepper and put into a small mixing bowl.

3) Squeeze lemon juice over peppers and add dash of salt and equal dash of sugar. Mix well.

4) Add cubed peach pieces and toss to coat.

5) Put onto skewers and broil until peaches start to char.

6) Enjoy on their own or with an equally summery salad.


We enjoyed this with our latest “Snooty Salad”. See the post and how to make it here.


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