Jalapeno-Mango Guacamole

Avocadoes are one of those luxurious fruits (yes, yet another fruit often thought to be a vegetable) that gives class to nearly any meal. Creamy, nutty sweet and refreshing — it’s versatility is far and above many other foods. Let’s not mention how ridiculously nutritious they are.

Guacamole is a salad that is said to have originated with the ancient Aztecs and has long been assimilated into non-Hispanic cuisine on this side of the Atlantic. The staple blend of avocado, tomatoes/tomatillos, onions and lime juice is refreshing and nutritious. We are happy to present this summery twist on this refreshing staple salad:

What You’ll Need

4 ripe avocadoes

2 green onions very very finely chopped

1 English Cucumber finely grated save 3-4 slices

2 tbsp lemon/lime juice

1 tbsp FlavourFull Creations Spicy Jalapeno Mango Seasoning

2 tsp Salt

1 small mango (ataulfo suggested)


1) Peel, split and dice avocadoes and add lemon/lime juice. Mash well with a potato masher.

2) Once well mashed add finely diced green onion and grated cucumber then continue to mash until the ingredients become essentially homogenised.


3) Add the remaining seasonings, Spicy Jalapeno Mango Seasoning & salt then mash mix all together until you get a creamy consistency.

4) Garnish with 3-4 slices of ripe mango & cucumber and parsley. Goes well with spread on Melba toast or dip with hot flatbread.


If this fresh and fruity blend isn’t summer on a plate then I don’t know what is! The cool contrast of the sweet mango with the savoury and spicy guacamole, along with that bonus cucumber crunch, quenches both your hunger and your thirst! Like, Comment, Follow & Share.

Until Next Time,

Mama FlavourFull

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