DREAM BIG, start small.

Greetings Flavour Lovers,

It’s been a minute since we’ve posted and I bet you thought we were gone. It is said that even slow progress is progress and it is true! We’ve been in touch with some amazingly talented people of late and are brimming with optimism about some great directions FlavourFull will be taking. Yes, we are being elusive, cagey and coy.



In startup phase, you can get to feel like a you are on a treadmill racking up imaginary miles and sweating to stay in the same place you are. It’s a mind over matter type deal.

Letting Go of Anxiety & Allowing Creativity to Flow

So often new entrepreneurs get caught up in the anxiety of not being where they want to be instead of maximizing where they are *RIGHT NOW*. Keeping your eyes on the “prize” is certainly the way to go but planning backwards will help to pinpoint those baby steps you need to take that seem elusive in the thick of things.

In university I learned a trick from my Spanish professor when proofreading essays. Read forward, i.e., normally, for style then read backwards for grammar.

Applying This To Entrepreneurship – A List

1) Always be sure about where you want to be and don’t be shy about it.
2) Go BIG but don’t forget the details. Look at the steps you have taken and correct what was wrong going forward.
3) Re-assess and make sure that every move is a step in the direction of your ultimate goal.
3) Don’t do it alone, know when you are out of your element and get the best help you can find/afford.
4) Pay for stuff. “FREE” services are at times the costliest around. You have to pay for professional help.
5) There is nothing wrong with small either, but you never know….Success just might take you by surprise!

Until next time,

Mama FlavourFull

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3 Responses to “DREAM BIG, start small.”
  1. Its great advice you have here. Start-ups are definitely hard; i know the feeling all too well. It’s exciting at first, overwhelming after, burnt out. then back up again knowing one failure isnt the end of it. Good stuff! Keep on moving forward!

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