Building Brand Loyalty Instantly

Ok, so you got me. This isn’t a post by some marketing whiz, expense-account-abusing-skinny-tie-wearing corporate brander, but this is still going to teach you a very important lesson about how to build instant brand loyalty before your potential consumer even tastes your product.

I was out doing some food shopping in Toronto’s Koreatown at Christie & Bloor in my health food store haunt and I wanted a little something to drink. Now I had heard of kombucha but I am usually disappointed when it comes to tea beverages since they usually lack flavour and have a nails on the chalkboard type zing when they go down. The citrus bottle looked really jaunty so I picked it up to have a read as the label was jam packed with information.

After digesting that it was raw, vegan, organic, etc., I started to look at the ingredients side and came across the company positioning.


Can you guess how much longer it was before I snatched up the bottle? Walking back to Christie station I was just itching to grab my seat on the train to gulp down this novel beverage that touched my heart before it touched my tongue.

How G.T. Dave Did It?

1) Dressed the part: the drink itself tasted fresh, clean & uncomplicated but super satisfying. The packaging matched in that it was bright sunny but didn’t have a lot of pomp & circumstance but delivered in the end.

2) Wears Their Philosophy: Raw eating is much more than just a way of eating. “Living Food For the Living Body” is the product tagline a long with a proliferation of word associations and some meditative artwork. You see that there is a position behind the packaging.

3) Chose Without Waiting to be Chosen: In the photo above is a frank bio about the journey this product/bottle took to get here. This appealed to me since FlavourFull Creations is in the same boat but a different sea. Raw foodies, or any tea beverage lover who root for the underdog can’t resist.

4) Educates: The label itself is a crash course in raw food fundamentals and informs the customer in some detail what kombucha is.

5) Is A Good Product: I loved it and it measured up to all that I was expecting before I opened the bottle.

With that being said, G.T. Dave’s has earned a loyal kombucha tea customer and as a producer of a specialty product I will probably refer back to this approach since it had such a profound effect on me as a consumer.

What brands have created instant loyalty from you? How and/or why? Sound off in the comments section. Like, Follow, Comment & Share!

Until next time Flavour Lovers,

Mama FlavourFull


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