Getting Into The Guava Groove: If At First You Don’t Succeed….


Greetings Flavour Lovers,

Yesterday, we where whizzing away blending up some guava and mango creations. The mango is well on it’s way but the guava has eluded us some. Tried to get a guava jam & bread deal going with the protoype guava thingy — I honestly don’t know what to call it — and it was not at all appetizing.

Developing from your imagination takes a lot of reflection I am learning. I have to think about guava as if it was a dinner guest that I am a bit unfamiliar with outside of a few settings. Can I put them next to this person? Will they clash with that person?

You can’t force something to be what it isn’t. Guava is tart and I was trying to impose a sweet creamy result on it and it did not work.

Some Prophetic Wisdom:

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him said,

Woman was created from a bent rib (i.e. the uppermost rib). If you want to enjoy her,you enjoy her while she is still bent. If you want to straighten her, you will break her. Breaking her is divorcing her. [Al-Bukhari & Muslim]

Lessons Learned:

All things in creation were made that way for a reason and if you try to rob them of their fundamental nature it will not be a success. We’ve taken a step back and are going to enjoy this goooooorrrrgggeeeous Friday!

Until next time Flavour Lovers,

Mama FlavourFull


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