One Person’s Gold Is Another’s Garbage Juice

Now that ALIMA’S has launched we are back to calmly crafting our retail strategy and set on full throttle for product development. At FlavourFull, we enjoy making the weird wonderful and overall doing daring and novel things with old faves. Our mango, scotch bonnet prototype is well underway and has been spicing up everything from fried plantains to jam and bread. I used it as the chilli sauce in some thai stir fry that I whipped up. But alas, not everyone is aboard the wanton ingredient combination train.


Round 1

It was supposed to be just mangoes and scotch bonnets but the list kept growing and I haaad to add coconut because mango & coconut are like two peas in a pod. At least to me. The salty sweet balance was not cohesive enough, on the first round and the mango was getting a bit lost. Also, I put like 4 chocolate scotch bonnets which are way hotter than the already devastating red ones and I don’t know what I was thinking. It left me decimated.

Regardless, it was still delicious but we make sauces to perfection and not just good enough because that is what you deserve.

Round 2 TKO?

I split my recipe into teams and blended all the supporting roles — if you will — together first which made a creamy base. I unfortunately did not snap a shot. It was coconut, garlic, lemon and the scotch bonnets. This resulted in a creamy base to which I added the fresh mangoes.

I cooked it, hot packed it and let it settle awhile before trying it out.

In the meantime, I ate Prototype 1 with some passion fruit jam on toast.

Does this look like garbage juice? Negative.

The Verdict

I gathered everyone — i.e. my husband — to have the second big tasting. While we both love to push boundaries in the kitchen, we have some fundamental contrasts when it comes to food tastes and combinations. My delicacy is his barbarism and vica versa.

After tasting I am ecstatic. The tart and fruitiness that I wanted to hit first and take centre stage is then followed by a flavour ride through every taste sensation akin to a pinball machine in full swing. Spoonful after spoonful rides across my palette as the spice and endorphins engulf my senses. While certainly not expecting the same euphoria from my flavourfull half I could not be more shocked by the violently contrasting verdict.


“It smells like…like…you know that liquid you see at the bottom of the garbage?”

“GARBAGE JUICE! You think it tastes like garbage juice?”

“Yeah, he shudders, it’s gross. No, eew, no no.”

“So I can’t eat this around you?”

“No, I hate it.”

So one persons culinary gold is another person’s garbage juice. I am still all for developing it as it is a flavour combo that is certainly a staple in a lot of South Asian cuisines and incorporating fruit into savoury dishes is a strong Caribbean custom as well. It has sat overnight in the fridge and after second tasting, I love it even more. The lemon has settled down and pokes up near the end like the perfect tip to sink a sly net in a close basketball game.

I guess publicizing that this prototype has been described as “garbage juice” is a bizarre tactic but it isn’t a tactic. It’s to show what goes into producing really great and unique foods. I like my food like I like my people — polarising. Why, because it’s true love when when you find the attractive end. The pull is always stronger at the poles.

Until next time Flavour Lovers,

Mama FlavourFull

***** I finished writing this post before three other people subsequently tried the prototype and it was two loves and one like. So there.******


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