Building Brand Loyalty Instantly

Ok, so you got me. This isn’t a post by some marketing whiz, expense-account-abusing-skinny-tie-wearing corporate brander, but this is still going to teach you a very important lesson about how to build instant brand loyalty before your potential consumer even tastes your product. I was out doing some food shopping in Toronto’s Koreatown at Christie … Continue reading

Fettucine With Coconut Milk Clam Alfredo

I cannot tell a lie: heavy-cream alfredo is the best ever. With that being said, let’s take a complete left turn and use coconut milk, instead of cream, with clams in a culinary rebellion that would make every Italian grandmother and purist cringe. Ready? What You’ll Need 300 g fettuccine pasta (a good handful) 1/2 … Continue reading

Getting Into The Guava Groove: If At First You Don’t Succeed….

Greetings Flavour Lovers, Yesterday, we where whizzing away blending up some guava and mango creations. The mango is well on it’s way but the guava has eluded us some. Tried to get a guava jam & bread deal going with the protoype guava thingy — I honestly don’t know what to call it — and … Continue reading

Cucumber Crunch Egg Salad Sandwich

Don’t lie, you did a little jump for joy when Subway introduced their Egg Salad sub. I’ve got your number. Egg Salad is in a class all on its own. Today, I will share with you the best egg salad recipe ever that will impress friends, family and just might save your marriage. It’s that … Continue reading

One Person’s Gold Is Another’s Garbage Juice

Now that ALIMA’S has launched we are back to calmly crafting our retail strategy and set on full throttle for product development. At FlavourFull, we enjoy making the weird wonderful and overall doing daring and novel things with old faves. Our mango, scotch bonnet prototype is well underway and has been spicing up everything from … Continue reading