Good Things Come in Disastrous Packages ~ Back in the Saddle

What a week! We were totally destabalised by the halting of all hot sauce production due to a leaky pipe that led to sawing open our kitchen ceiling to resolve it.

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We are finally back in the saddle without having to discard any of our ingredients since the matter was resolved so swiftly. It was great to be back in the kitchen chopping, grinding and bottling our way back into the spicy food game.


A call to the plumber is rarely ever with a bounce in your step. It is usually coupled with dread given the uncertainty of what will be unearthed which usually results in one snowballing problem to another. Leaks originating from various pipes in upstairs bathroom have been an ongoing theme in the house so it was actually a matter of time.

We had to give the residual water a few days to drain out and once the debris was cleared and no risk of water or errant plaster was present we were able to get back into the kitchen. Throughout this series, I have been stressing the blessing that slowed progress is. All the best products are perpetual “work-in-progress”es and ALIMA’S is no exception.  The hot sauce business is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial paths and it is not surprising since it is something that can be produced quite safely with minimal equipment.

The ingredients in our sauce are a mixture of low and high acid foods that together produce a mixture that is below the ph level of 4.6, which is what is considered safe for canned foods. We got new testing equipment and decided with the break that we wanted to further ensure that the foods were on a lower acidity but without sacrificing the signature ALIMA’S taste. Working with tested recipes as laid out by government bodies we were able to achieve this and our mixture is below 4.0 pH.

While we have done painstaking research and restricted ourselves to best practices and recipes from authoritative government bodies, this issue remains highly controversial.

Further Reading On This Issue

Ensuring Safe Canned Foods

National Center For Home Food Preservation

Master List of Typical pH Levels of Fruits & Vegetables

Botulism & Food Poisoning in Home Canned Foods

The Importance of food pH in Commercial Canning Operations

You can be the shrewdest cleverest wheeler dealer there is who can do arithmetic lightning speed and an uncanny foresight for the next big thing. Similarly, you can have the most talented designers and branders making your label. The truth is after all is said and done business dealings boil down to five little letters. T-R-U-S-T. Whether your standing face-to-face or scratching your head in front of three brands of the same thing, the question on your minds is, do I trust this face? Do I trust this brand? We’ve asked ourselves first so you don’t have to.

Until next time Flavour Lovers,

Mama FlavourFull


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