Good Things Come In Disastrous Packages ~ The Saga Continues

Had a little mini road trip with the family and took my 1-year old to Balls of Fun which is like a gymboree for infants to teens. I am more tired than than my daughter was. You would figure someone who’s been walking over two decades would be able to withstand following someone who’s been doing it for 1-month. Go figure. Gorgeous day, bright sun pleasant breeze and the open road was in order after halting all ALIMA’S production barely one-week after launch.


The plumber came bright and early this morning but work or not, you can just tell when someone isn’t looking forward to doing something. The leak was found, but not before sawing out all the concrete from the back of my vanity. Earlier in the year before all the real hot sauce making began, both the bathroom and kitchen were being renovated/repaired so anything less than that is a breeze.  Thankfully, the worst is over and now it’s just patience mode.

How It All Began: Good Things Come In Disastrous Packages ~ The Saga Begins

Lessons We’re Learning

1) Take Breaks

My husband has been telling me to take it easy and take a break and I always look at him like, “what is he talking about? How can I take it easy now?”. Incidents like these force you to change gears or stop sometimes and you don’t realise how much you need them. Really, work is never done but it is the mental break that is very important. Psychological stressors are actaully more physically draining since physical activity may release endorphins or just give you an energy boost.

2) Don’t Be Upset

In another lifetime, this type of setback might have elicited arm flailing, huffing puffing and perhaps even some choice words. This is not at all the way to deal with things as it has already happened so clearly it was unavoidable. Especially leaks hidden in walls.

3) Work Through Obstacles not Against Them

My mom has a saying “don’t rush the brush”. It rhymes and is fun to say but is also very apt in calamitous situations. Take your time and succinctly deal with the issue and get as much informatoin about it so you can avoid it in the future. Let them run their full course.

4) Re-analyse & Regroup

The pause a setback or unforeseen situation causes is a great opportunity to look at the strategies you have in place and how your incident will affect it in the future. Maybe you will have to rejig and you don’t have to worry about being in a hurry since progress is slowed.

It’s another gorgeous day in Toronto I will take another walk in outside and stomp my worries into the pavement.

Until next time Flavour Lovers,

Mama FlavourFull


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