The Emotional Paradox of Achievement

Greetings Flavour Lovers,

It’s been quite the ride so far. Two brand launches in a space of less than two weeks and only two months behind initial projections. Phew. Just when you think you’ve given it a good go you realise that it isn’t over yet. In fact it is just beginning. We’ve achieved quite a lot in a short time yet we feel heavy-hearted with a depleted reservoir of vim.

Turning likes, retweets and plus one’s into $$$  is the challenge du jour.  We might sound like hustlers but we’re not.

Over the past months we painstakingly developed, retweaked and improved.  Not totally unlike the proud parents watching their children blossom from the fruits of efforts driven by care, concern, and just plain worry over their offspring’s well-being. Putting our final labels and sealing the tamper-proof bands onto the tops of the bottles is almost like watching your child ride their bike for the first time with no training wheels. They are ready to start really taking on the world day by day under your steadily waning stronghold. You know what went into getting them to this point and if the whole world isn’t convinced how great they are it can feel personal. You will always feel like your kid has got that special something that is so glaringly obvious that all should bask in it.

The reality is that your kids aren’t that special and that’s just that. Well, children are not for sale (and should never be) and their specialness doesn’t really need to be appreciated by anyone but you. They don’t have to be perfect and it would be downright children of the corn if they were and who wants that?

Selling specialty products is different. While we put our heart, love and soul into it and we know it is special, we are obligated to convince you because that is our job once we decide to enter the marketplace. We can’t take it personally that orders are not yet pouring into out Etsy shop. In  a nutshell, the come down off of such an achievement with such limited resources — and we mean limited — is plunging. Emotionally trying.

Really, it isn’t that you are going down, it’s just that you have gotten to the bottom of the next level. You can give up (no quitters allowed) or take five and get into sherpa mode for tier-2. Tighten my harness and pass me my ice hammer…we’ve come to the mountain.

ALIMA’S is now available for sale in our Etsy Shop @ And don’t forget ‘FFCDEB1’ gets you 10% off your purchase!

Until next time flavour lovers,

Mama FlavourFull


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