It Might As Well Have Been Shrapnel

You take all the precautions you want but sometimes disaster is just destined to strike. After grinding up the last of the dried scotch bonnets, I rushed onto my laptop to upload all of my images for my first Etsy listing of the scotch bonnet powder. I was happily clicking and uploading away when a subconscious raising of the arm resulted a freak waft of residual chilli dust right into my left eye. Like scotch bonnet shrapnel. All I could do was scream.

And scream and scream and flail and scream. “Aaagh. Aaagh,” right from the gut, as I felt my way to the kitchen slamming open the office door probably looking like a blind sasquatch that got shot in the eye with a tranquilizer gun. I finally put my hand over my eye and for a moment I really thought that I would be blinded.

Fumbling at the milk bag that was extracted from the fridge, my thoughts at this point are just spontaneously combusting towards no particularly useful or eye-cooling end. At this point, my eye is on full burn as the pain reaches its crushingly painful crescendo.

Finally some scissors to open the milk bag. Daintily holding the bag from the top to cut a neat diagonal opening would have been ideal but given the calamity underway, stabbing it open and emptying the contents into the glass jug is how it played out. Watching out of my available eye as the milk slowly flows into the jug is torturous since I can’t just put the bag down since I hara-kiried it open and it will only flow as fast is it will flow.

As the last drops settle, relief is on the horizon as I dip a sheet of paper towel into the milk and am finally able to douse out the flames. Every few moments I re-fold my tissue to get the cool portion onto my eye and relief eventually starts to seep in. I trepidatiously open my eye and alhamdulillah (all praise is due to Allaah), I can still see.

I have read about and shared about hot peppers or capsaicin being a pain reliever and after this experience, I am inclined to believe it. After everything cooled down, my eye had this weird feeling that could only be described as deep relief. More relief than the actual stopping of the burning sensation. Almost endorphin like.

The capsaicin in the pepper triggers the release of chemicals along nerves that relay pain signals back to the brain. So far, pretty obvious. But what’s different about the capsaicin is it gets those chemicals to fire so much and so often that the chemical becomes depleted. No chemical, no pain. Source ~ The Survival Doctor

I have since purchased all the necessary equipment for both the ALIMA’S production and the spice blends for FlavourFull Creations. I was close to buying the breathing gear that is best accessorised with a HazMat suit. In retrospect, I still just may. Anything to avoid that craziness again.

Don't mind us, just making some spicy foods. Photo Credit:

Don’t mind us, just making some spicy foods.
Photo Credit:

I have loved hot peppers longer than I can remember. I don’t even remember my first hot food experience, I just always ate spicy food as far as I knew. Spicy foods are becoming a more customary part of the North American mealtime. For example, I saw the McDonalds’ jalapeno burger — NOT that I will be purchasing one as I am decidedly anti-McDonald’s. You may just be entering the world of spicy food sensation, or perhaps your a seasoned spice lover with a tome of battle tales.

Sound off in the comments section below and share your hot pepper mishaps. I really want to hear them.

Now you know the full story, you can certainly have a deeper appreciation for what went into producing the Scotch Bonnet blends. They’ve been beautifully photographed and listed here in our Etsy store.

Until next time flavour lovers,

Mama FlavourFull


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