Cajun Mango Dry Rub Roasted Chicken

I’ve been getting extra face time with my dehydrator and spice grinder as I add blend after blend to the FlavourFull Creations Etsy shop almost daily. The anxiousness and drive is not just to share our creations with you but to start using them to make some downright delicious chow. Mangoes are a fave food in the house and really who doesn’t love mangoes. Raw or ripe, fresh on their own or cooked in a dish — it’s no secret why mangoes are beloved worldwide.

MangoRubChickenChicken is an amazing canvas for spices and it was the first meat that popped into my mind.  Here is the recipe. It is a simple one that doesn’t tie up your foot in the kitchen but still makes you look like a major winner in the culinary department. Your welcome.

What You’ll Need

1 whole chicken

4 tbsps Cajun spice (see our blend here)

1 packet Mango & Scotch Bonnet Spice Blend

1-2 tsps (or to taste) salt

Olive Oil


1)     Defrost chicken (not running hot water over the chicken in the sink like I never do)

2)    Preheat oven to 400°F/205°C

3)    Blend the cajun spices, salt and mango powder.

4)    Rub the dry spices onto the chicken.

5)    Place into a shallow roasting pan & drizzle with some olive oil.

6)    Roast uncovered until internal temperature of 165°F/74°C is reached (about 1hr 30 minutes).

7)   Tent and cook for another 15 minutes to allow juices to spring.

8)    Baste chicken and keep at holding temp of 140°F/60°C until ready to serve.

Serve up with some simple greens or some home fries. We did a simple baby spinach with some olive oil, s&p and fresh garlic. I pulled out my trusty potato slicer to make some waffle style potato-chip-shaped fries with the salad.

This recipe is not an in your face mango flavour but an aromatic one with subtle appearances of the fruit with spicy notes. It tasted even better than it looks above.

Like, comment, follow & share. Until next time flavour lovers.

Mama FlavourFull


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