GREETINGS ALL! Just a quickie to let you all know that we fiiinnnnallly have opened our Etsy shop. Alhamdulillah (all Praise is due to Allaah as it would not be possible otherwise through solely our own efforts). So we just have one little item but oh boy oh boy WHAT an item it is.

If you have been keeping up — and if not just click that follow button or enter your email so you won’t miss out on all the happenings ever again — we procured our Excalibur Dehydrator and we have been wielding it to no end.

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Our first product is Pure Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Powder. While it has been dethroned from its title as the world’s hottest pepper, its flavour is still unbeatable in my flavourfull opinion. It is my preferred pepper and I have tasted all types.

100% Natural !00% Delicious.

100% Natural !00% Delicious.

This is a huge milestone for us so thank you for sharing in the moment! Things don’t always happen the way you want them as we still have not been able to launch Alima’s but when it rains it pours and it should be coming down the chute soon.

CLICK HERE to purchase and never eat a bland meal again!

Mama FlavourFull


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