Leafy Greens Goldmine Roasted Beet & Red Pepper Salad

This salad is hearty and delicious despite its cool ingredients. It is so tasty that you won’t realise how ridiculously nutritious it is. We have detailed the nutrients of all of the fabulous ingredients in this salad in our post This Salad Just Might Save Your Life.

What You’ll Need

2 Fresh Beets
1 Red Bell Pepper
2-3 Cloves Garlic
1 Large Zucchini
2 Leaves Radicchio
4-5 Leaves Romaine
1-2 Handfuls Baby Spinach
Olive Oil
Black Pepper
Coarse Salt (sea or pink suggested)
Salt to Taste (Kosher fine ground suggested)


1) First wash your salad greens as you normally do and set them aside so that they will be properly dried for when you add your roasted veggies.

2) Prep the beets first as they will take the longer to good than the other veggies. Slice them desired thickness. We suggest slightly on the thicker side no less than 1/4 inch. Place them onto aluminum foil or broil pan then drizzle with olive oil so that each beet has some olive oil on it. Dress the beets with 2-3 grains of coarse salt on each beet. As they are sweet and rooty, the salt will not overpower them. Then sprinkle with 2 pinches of black pepper.


3) Put in the broiler for 10-15 minutes or until they are soft but firm. Keep an eye out around the 10 minute mark. You don’t want them burning.

4) While the beets are broiling, prepare your red pepper, zuccini and garlic. These veggies contain more water so you don’t want to put them in with the beets since they wilt and burn a lot faster. Slice them into thick julienne and toss in a bowl with 1 tsp (or to your desire) of olive oil, 1/2 tsp, or so, of kosher salt and a good dash of oregano.


5) Your beets should be done by this point so simply take out the beets to cool and put the zucchini, red pepper garlic toss into the oven in the same way you did the beets.


6) Allow them to cool so they do not wilt the greens to much then add them to a bowl large enough to toss all of the ingredients. Get communal and eat from the same bowl or serve daintily to all of your fortunate dinner guests.


We did not really add much more than some more salt, since the greens can douse the flavour some, and a little bit of lemon juice with a touch more olive oil. It is really an instinctual thing. We like to taste the beets and other veggies in their full glory but some suggestions are a blueberry balsamic dressing or maybe a feta oregano vinaigrette with a creamy hint to it.

This salad is just as enjoyable to eat as it is to prepare. Beet haters, has this changed your mind? We would love for you all to sound off below.

Mama FlavourFull

4 Responses to “Leafy Greens Goldmine Roasted Beet & Red Pepper Salad”
  1. Looks delicious! I’ve only roasted bell peppers under the broiler before, but beets sound like they’re worth trying too.

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