Pad Swoon Sen ~ FlavourFull Take on a Thai Treat

You know and love pad thai but it’s time to step out with a new and exciting stir-fry that will have you smitten and satisfied. Pad woon sen is a delicately spiced thin mung been noodle stir fry from Thailand. I fell in love with this toss up during my university days. Like most post-secondary … Continue reading

Super Food = Super Soup: Kale, Okra & Shrimp Potato Soup

The catchphrase of mealtime throughout my childhood was “it’s an acquired taste”. Everything I ate was an acquired taste. I am grateful for that now because real food is just that real. Fake processed junk is akin to a beautiful girl or guy, with no brains and/or common sense. Draws you in the end it’s … Continue reading

Good Things Come in Disastrous Packages ~ Back in the Saddle

What a week! We were totally destabalised by the halting of all hot sauce production due to a leaky pipe that led to sawing open our kitchen ceiling to resolve it. Related Posts: Good Things Come In Disastrous Packages Series We are finally back in the saddle without having to discard any of our ingredients … Continue reading

Good Things Come In Disastrous Packages ~ The Saga Continues

Had a little mini road trip with the family and took my 1-year old to Balls of Fun which is like a gymboree for infants to teens. I am more tired than than my daughter was. You would figure someone who’s been walking over two decades would be able to withstand following someone who’s been … Continue reading

Standout Smoothie: Banana, Mango, Scotch Bonnet?

Greetings Flavour Lovers, We called this company FlavourFull Creations for a reason and we stand by our title. Whipped up this fabo little smoothie that was a flavour experience unlike any I have had before. It was like being in two places at once. Everything looks pretty above board except we’ve got our Mango & … Continue reading