Spice Route Turkey Stuffing

Turkey is a bird that is often overlooked outside of a few times per year. It has managed to gather some caché since it has tryptophan that apparently makes you sleepy. On its own, tryptophan is marketed as a dietary supplement in health food stores as a sleep aid. When in the mood, cooking a bird is fun since it takes real babying and let’s not even talk about the brine.

Seasoning a turkey is a pretty standard affair and the stuffing is what adds that personal touch. This is where all the pizazz and culinary prowess is displayed. Whether people are excited for the turkey or the stuffing is certainly debatable. Weigh in by voting on our Turkey poll.

For the FlavourFull brood there has to be an exotic flair so here is our take on a staple favourite.

What You’ll Need

5 slices of sourdough millet bread (this bread is very low in yeast and gluten so it is ideal for this recipe)

¼ cup brown rice crumbs

¼ cup of stock or water

1 cup onions chopped very fine (ours are coarser than we would have liked and red onion reduce the amount)

2 tsp thyme

1 tsp salt

2 tsp Xawaji (pronounced Hawaji it is THE quintessential Somalian spice blend. The aromatic cumin, cardamom, tumeric feature heavily. You can find it at your local East African market or halaal butcher. Make your own for some real fun)

2 tbsp of a chunky pepper sauce. We used ALIMA’S.



1)      In a medium size bowl, tear up the bread into tiny pieces bit smaller than bite-size. Add the quarter cup of hot stock or just boiled water to the bread pieces and turn to coat.

2)      Dice up the onions to as fine as you can get them or process them to a chunky paste. Not too liquid.

3)      Add the onions, rice breadcrumbs along with the salt and spices and with clean hands combine them so that you get a moist ball.


4)      Add the Alimas and combine with a potato masher. This is to avoid the old I forgot I had hot sauce on my hands catastrophe. You can also combine with your hands if you have good memory.

IMG_0016[1]5)      Stuff into your turkey and cook as any other stuffing.

6)      Serve, enjoy and revel in the accolades!


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