Wielding The Excalibur ~ Part 2

Our first run of the Excalibur dehydrator went swimmingly. The preservation guide that comes with it has these humidity guidelines which indicate the average humidity in your region and how long your food will take to dry as a result.  We started last night since the veggies were supposed to take 8 hours but they were dry in 4 hours tops.


Those are all the jalepenos but a brown-haired husband rabbit got to the rest of the zucchini chips so I may make them into a powder since my hand slipped with the salt and they are a bit too much for me. The big ado was to get some pepper powder going. It took about two rounds in the blender to get the dried chilli pieces to this fineness.


I don’t really feel comfortable writing a review or anything like that since this is totally new for me. I know that dehydration is really trendy right now but it is as old as humanity itself. We would LOVE for you to share your experiences, anecdotes, successes and failures with us. Seeing food with all the moisture taken out of it gives you a whole new perspective on food.

Lessons Learned So Far

Food height is important. I did not use all the trays but if your food is not thin enough it won’t slide into the top bunk of the machine.

Pepper seeds make a mess. The tiny pepper seeds were going all over and I actually had to end up using a vacuum to clean them up.

Use salt sparingly if at all. The fact that water is being taken out of the food ups the flavour factor so if you want a bit of enhanced flavour way less is a lot more in the dehydration game.

Please tell what you though about our first go of the dehydrator below.

Mama FlavourFull


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