Wielding The Excalibur ~ Part 1

We are from raw food here at FlavourFull but we do dabble in dehydration. Our Excalibur dehydrator is the newest addition to the FlavourFull kitchen and I am just rounding out hour two of its inaugural run as I write this. We got the 9-tray as this is a big part of producing some of the unique products we are currently developing and plan to launch this year. We were on the brink of launching Alima’s but there have been some setbacks.


Gone are the days when you got a new toy and you ripped apart the packaging and got down to the important business of playing with it – stat. With all the responsibilities of adulthood, and in our case entrepreneurship and parenthood, a new “toy” is another thing to figure out and read about. Nothing ventured nothing gained is the way to look at it.

The surface area of the thing is huge. They should name it the Behemoth as opposed to the Excalibur but it is incredibly light. It only took one day to arrive by drop ship via Amazon from Raw Nutrition in Quebec. As impressive and overwhelming as it looks, its a pretty 1-step 2-step type of operation. The comprehensive instruction manual is daunting at first but as soon as you pick your starting point you feel confident.


I finally headed down to the market to search for some hot peppers to dry and make chilli powder. I was hoping to get scotch bonnets but I had to make do with jalapenos and green finger chillies. Hot peppers are excellent for drying and don’t require any blanching like most other veggies. Just wash-n-go. The anticipation is mounting as I type away pausing for the odd cough or two as the air starts to fill with spice. I may have to open a window. It’s on a timer so it will ping off when I am in la-la land. I popped in some fresh organic yellow zucchinis on a whim dusted with some kosher salt so will let you know when I start munching on those.


These are what the jalapenos looking like heading into hour two so stay tuned for the results…. Like, Follow, Comment & Share

Mama FlavourFull


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