Guilt-Free Golden Pancakes

Pancakes are among the top-tier breakfast foods. They are simple, tasty and filling. For the health conscious, or fitness freaks, they are a gluttonous aberration from a healthy breakfast. Cue the coconut “flour”. I put flour in quotes because coconut flour is not flour at all.

What is Coconut Flour?

Coconut flour is actually made from the leftovers of coconut milk! In some of the test studies using coconut flour I was amused to see it called coconut “residue”. But it is a by-product of coconut milk manufacturing that has been ground into flour.~ Source, The Nourishing Gourmet.

Coconut flour is a staple in many gluten and grain-free diets since it is pretty much non-existent on the glycemic index and it is very high in fibre with virtually no carbohydrates. It also is very absorbent so while it does come with a hefty price tag, you do not need to use a lot. While typcial pancakes will take 1 cup of flour with coconut flour you only have to use about 1/4 cup if that!

So, What Can You Do With Coconut Flour?

The possibilities are endless. While it is not ideal for thickening sauces, it is a great tool in guilt-free baking. Any cake, muffin or pancake typically made with flour can be made with coconut flour yielding amazing, if not better, results. It’s nutty with a subtle inherent sweetness that adds profound richness to even its simplest applications. If you are in to thin crust pizza and what to do something different coconut flour can be the star ingredient. Yes, flourless pizza. From my own experience, it does take some getting used to since the lack of yeast takes some finesse to handle properly but just make sure not to overload to much heavy sauce and it is a real hit. Here’s a pizza recipe we have not tried but looks promising.


I adapted this from a recipe on the site of Tiana. They produce fair trade organic coconut products.

What You’ll Need

3 eggs

4 tbsps butter or coconut oil melted and cooled

10 tablespoons almond milk or any milk you prefer

2 teaspoon sugar or any sweetener such as coconut sugar, xylitol, etc.

¼ teaspoon salt

5 tablespoons sifted Coconut Flour

½ teaspoon baking powder


HEAT 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in a skillet and let cool.

SPOON out coconut flour into a fine sieve and it tends to chunk.

BLEND together eggs, oil, coconut milk, nectar and salt.

COMBINE coconut flour with baking powder and sugar and thoroughly mix into batter.

LADLE batter onto hot skillet making pancakes about 4 inches in diameter.

Makes about 6 pancakes but if you make them with a smaller diameter you will get more pancakes but tinier. You can stretch this to about 10 tinier and thinner pancakes. These are not your 1/2 inch thick doughy intestinal cloggers. They are somewhat papery with a fibrous fluffiness.


Any pancake recipe is no holds barred in my honest opinion. Do whatever you want. I love to add pieces of banana before I flip them or any type of fruit really. The world is your pancake. This recipe is completely compatible with any grain-free diet or for celiac sufferers. I am totally going to find away to add spice to the whole pancake deal even though there is a lot of resistance. Some people feel that there are lines that should just not be crossed.

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