The soursop, as it is known in the English-speaking world, is simply put the best thing ever. The best thing ever fruit wise in my flavourfull opinion. My grandfather had a soursop tree in the backyard of his notary public office.  When I would go and visit him I remember fondly eating the huge soursops … Continue reading

Jalapeno Roasted Garlic Salad Topper

With a teething one year old and a new business, there is no shortage of spontaneity in the FlavourFull house. We aren’t food hoarders so my green leaf lettuce salad was a little lonely. LIGHTBULB: some roasted garlic. Just a few cloves, a quick pour of olive oil, some kosher salt and you will notice … Continue reading


For good reason, the French are synonymous with fine cuisine and one of the hallmarks of this cuisine is precision. Precision in presentation, ingredients and even in what ingredients to blend. My father in-law is French and you will never catch him 1) not using a recipe and 2) not following it to a “t”. … Continue reading

THE FAST & THE FLAVOURFULL ~ The Anti Filet-o-Fish

We are health-conscious, but not hardcore, teetering the fine balance between gourmand and gourmet. For various reasons, I have a bit of an issue with McDonald’s and they were among the first during my mass boycotting phase in my pre-teens. As a culinarian, I just don’t find McDonald’s that tasty overall and certainly far from … Continue reading

Spice Route Turkey Stuffing

Turkey is a bird that is often overlooked outside of a few times per year. It has managed to gather some caché since it has tryptophan that apparently makes you sleepy. On its own, tryptophan is marketed as a dietary supplement in health food stores as a sleep aid. When in the mood, cooking a … Continue reading