Shipping is a Four-Letter Word

Anyone who has sent something other than a letter in the mail knows the pain that is being felt at FlavourFull Creations at present. The hard come down after a successful test/production of ALIMA’S on full batch scale. Our faces  were beaming as we gazed at the perfectly filled and sealed bottles standing at attention resembling a fit army ready to invade the palette and souls of spice lovers everywhere. The wide smiles quickly turned to anxious frowns and tense sighs as we entered measurements and address co-ordinates for our targeted areas into our postage calculators. Shipping is a four-letter word.

Like a pepper sauce platoon.

Like a pepper sauce platoon.

Value is a major factor in what motivates us as both consumers and now producers which is betrayed by the fact that ALIMA’S comes in 350mL. That  is double the norm at essentially the same price. ALIMA’S is like the BBW of hot sauces; she’s PHAT in the truest sense of the word.

Money Movements Entrepreneurship 101 is who pays what? Who eats what cost? Global commerce is becoming increasingly dependent upon e-commerce and the market is developing the web-like attributes of the platform that supports it.  Sometimes you play insect, sometimes you play spider. Admittedly, we are feeling rather bug-like in front of our distribution logistics. It’s no longer a .53  cents a litre world.

When The Tables Turn

How often have we scoffed at the item whose shipping is more than the item itselfwondering what psycho actives the shopkeepers are being prescribed. Having now found ourselves in the same predicament we now wonder how many a great product we’ve missed out on. Alima’s is almost here…. STAY TUNED!

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Mama FlavourFull


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