The Happening That Almost Wasn’t

Peeled and prepped with my hand on the button, ready to grind down some peppery goodness. I push “high” with my pointer finger and nothing. I jiggle the workbowl still nothing. I remove it entirely then put it back on and push the button again. Nada. I unplug and replug then push again and again. I’m in denial. I’m muttering to myself, “what’s wrong with this thing now?” What’s wrong is that my food processor has died. The most essential piece of equipment in the ALIMA’S production arsenal has met its demise.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

All startups are behind their target dates. If you are completely on schedule for the milestones you’ve met and deadlines you’ve set you have probably missed something important. Losing an asset is something that you must expect but when it actually happens you have to really get your bearings and start to rectify the issue. I was less than impressed with options presented to me by the manufacturer in terms of this. We won’t tar & feather today. The lightbulb went off and I was able to swap it out and get a brand new shiny one by heading back to where I initially bought it, duuuh. I unwrapped it to use for the first production scale batch of ALIMA’S. In other news, the queen of the house has taken six steps in a row.

Nothing like getting busy in the kitchen with new equipment! So shiny.

Nothing like getting busy in the kitchen with new equipment! So shiny.

Armed with my mobile workstation — complete with granite countertop — I cored, sliced and processed my way into hot sauce euphoria. A one-woman army, with the occasional reinforcement, braving the harsh onion winds and other fun things like touching my ear after handling a half kilo of scotch bonnets. Sitting and strategizing about filling the bottles as I nurse my injuries with a small piece of paper towel soaked in milk against my tragus. Very effective FYI.

Food: Consider it Handled

In 4-6 weeks, I will have the proof that I know how to handle food. I spent the day at City Hall in Toronto taking the Food Handler’s Certification course. It was informative. eye-opening and at times downright  grotesque. My instructor was definitely into gross things and thought it would be a good idea to show the most horrific findings she encountered while on duty as a health inspector to close out the day. Much of it was common sense and it did not mean much of a change to my usual kitchen routine. The issue is that people do not implement what they know is safe and healthy out of laziness or what have you. People, wash your hands and keep perishables at safe temperatures.

The Business Plan…Again

That pile of laundry is still in the corner. That wonderful business plan. It’s not as bad as all that since a lot of progress has been made. My first time doing an infographic. They are so deceptive. They look so fun and happy but they are hard to do. We have two business plans to prepare now as we may, or may not, be courting some investors.

I wish these things could do themselves.

I wish these things could do themselves.

Curtain Call Approaching

Many city people complain about the snow falling but fail to realise that it is the rain of the winter season. The trees and grass need their beauty rest as well. A time where they can recharge and are not expected to look beautiful or give food. When the spring hits; however, we want the apples to bite into and the lilacs to spice the air with their fleeting but exhilarating smell. We aren’t gorgeous or fancy but those roots are plumping up under the snow and soil to spring up as robustly as they can.

First shoots of the season.

First shoots of the season.

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