The Happenings #2 – The Sun Shines After The Storm

A lot happened this week, sleep was not one of them. I know there is this romance with the entrepreneur and the cliche “I’ll sleep when I die” mantra but that is not how we do it in the FlavourFull house.  We take our zzzs. There are times that you just can’t escape the sleepless night, unfortunately. When the clock starts ticking well into the wee hours and you are still stirring, typing or social “media”ing away you know you will regret it later. Motivation is quite addictive and it’s not always easy to score (particularly after a chat about the financials) coupled with a near one-year old who thinks you’re a jungle gym, it can be very hard to find.

It’s A Blizzard Out There

There was a pretty substantial blizzard that swept through southern Ontario this past weekend. It was dark, windy and cold. Once the storm had passed, it was bright and sunny and you could enjoy the beauty of the snow.


The sun comes out after the storm.

The literal storm outside is over and we have largely shovelled and slushed away its remnants but a more arduous metaphorical blizzard is set to touch down. The closer and more ready we are to launch, the obstacles and unforeseen problems appear.

Launching as a tiny startup is like opening the door from the comfort of your warm toasty place and looking outside to see the harsh unforgiving wind mercilessly clouting everyone and everything in its path. You prepare yourself protecting your face hands and body from being harmed and you brave it with the best coat and boots you have. There is no guarantee that you won’t fall on a hidden strip of ice, that a freak gust won’t knock you down or blow ice into your eye. It’s likely you will return with soaked-through socks and exhausted upon your return home. You arrive back in one piece, hardly unscathed, more experienced, a little bit tougher and more familiar with the dangers lurking beneath the snow.  Perhaps even a story to share.

Similarly, you get the best logo and branding you can buy or create and you protect what’s proprietary and valuable to you. You analyse everything thoroughly and take nothing at face value. You slow down and speed up in the sagest way you know how. The weather is not in your control and to a similar degree neither is your success. What is written will arrive and what is not will be the farthest thing from your reach as much as it seemed it slipped through your fingers.

Bundle up!

Bundle up!

The Chemistry Contingent

The label is essentially finished and we were able to print off a mock up and put it onto a test bottle!! There is a bit of anxiety since the product is truly all-natural and how it will act from the time of sealing to the time of opening is perplexing. There are no additives and stabilizers so there is some chemistry that goes on in the bottle that we cannot do to much about. Basically, that perfect blend that goes in may not be the same coming out and we are praying and hoping that it is going to work out in our favour.

All Quiet On The Kitchen Front

The scotch bonnet season is back just in time to have no kitchen to cook in. Communications with our hopeful commercial kitchen landlord have been markedly one way after being informed of disappearing time slots.  All of the time spent trying to get a good online presence has managed to distract us from this blow but it looks like we will be in distribution channel B for awhile. Without financial backing, it may seriously impede growth and that is no place any entrepreneur wants to be. People are starting to know that Alima’s is around but they are gonna start saying “but wait, where’s the hot sauce?”

Siiigggh, that’s another blizzard for another day.  Like, Follow, Comment and have a FlavourFull Day!

Mama FlavourFull


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