A Plantain By Any Other Name

Serving up fried plaintains in the FlavourFull household is always an event. If you told some of us that the only thing they could eat for the rest of their lives were fried plantains they wouldn’t be phased in the least. If some of us have to share a batch with the other plantain lovers in the house the altruism and sacrifice must be acknowledged. Disagreements and hurt feelings are all but forgotten if put forth as a peace offering.

Having been raised in a Caribbean household I thought I loved fried plantains but I also have Ivorian family members  so the overwhelming love and affinity for the crispy treat has overshadowed my own. Ivorian people love plaintains or aloco as they are known in the small West African nation. I view plantains as a breakfast food to the utter disdain, shock and disapproval of my Ivorian relatives. I feel it’s perfectly fine to pop them in some hot toast. Tables have been gotten up from and rooms have been left with “no no no no no” being chanted in protest. Plantains are not to be taken lightly.

A Plantain by Any Other Name

Plaintains ~ English speaking Caribbean islands.

Platanos ~ Dominican Repbulic.

Tostones ~ Cuba.

Patacones ~ Central & South America.

Aloco ~ Ivory Coast.

Regardless of how you say it, fried plantains = delicious.

Picking the right Plantain

Picking the right plantains is half the battle.

Stay tuned to this blog because I am going to be frying up these luscious babies here and showing you all how to make the perfect fried plantains.

Mama FlavourFull


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