Recipe Testing Series – Finale

Our product testing series is coming to a close – wipes tear – but all good things must come to an end. In this case it is great news because it means FlavourFull Creations is (almost) ready to launch ALIMA’S to the world! In this case the world being Toronto, Canada.

Toronto Chilliheads we are coming for you.

Toronto Chilliheads we are coming for you. World, you’re next.

When we first decided to fundamentally rework the product, we figured we could lick it in two weeks.

IMPORTANT LESSON: everything you plan usually will take 3x longer than you anticipate, so be prepared. What we hoped would take 14-days took 35 days. Just over double is not too shabby.

Enlisting the whole family for product perfection.

Enlisting the whole family for product perfection.

The last entry on this topic highlighted the aspects of product testing that were more trying. Namely, not having enough of a sample group, inconsistent responses and just the anxiety and uncertainty with less than ideal results.

As a result, a largely instinctual decision was taken vis-à-vis the final formula. Really, they all tasted great but we had to pick just one.

Enough hot sauce for a lifetime?

Enough hot sauce for a lifetime, you think?

For a peek into the ups & downs of partnerships, there were arguments opposing views about whether or not the new formula would actually play out in production and of course “the cost, the cost, the cost”. After some consternation, the reformulation was an absolute success and the goal of proportional replacement was achieved. And yes, there was pizza.

Keep a glass of milk nearby.

Keep a glass of milk nearby.

Adding reverse engineering to a list of culinary skills is a total ego-booster but not tooting as it was all from Allaah decreed and destined.

On Patience

I am not a career chef nor do I test recipes as a job, but having my patience tested is a lifetime vocation. As North Americans, we are conditioned to have this everything had to be done yesterday, time is money if you stop you die kind of inhuman drive. Like fine foods, certain things need time to ferment or mature to put it more nicely. Throughout this process I had to take a step back and since starting a business is a lot like raising a child, you are wholly engrossed in its success so when you feel stumped it can be a stressor. Being in a rush is great for things like catching a bus or a train but as excrutiating as it may be – especially for go-getter types – sometimes you just have to wait, breathe.

I suggest making yourself a mean cup of coffee.

Mama FlavourFull


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