The Happenings #1

Successes & Setbacks have undergone an overhaul. The Happenings, are more appropriate since everyday we are busier and busier with the goings on of launching. For every success there is a setback, for every advancement there is a new challenge. Each effort presents a potential pitfall and it is exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

What’s Really Good?

The hugest happening is on the recipe front that will be detailed in the final installment of the Recipe Testing Series. Without giving out too much proprietary information – the fact this can be said about the recipe is a success in and of itself – we were able to replace key ingredients that were not in keeping with our position on prepared foods. Honest labelling is a pet passion and if we don’t feel comfortable putting it on the label, it won’t be in our product. Alima’s is now all-natural, gluten free with no preservatives.

Whipping up some hot sauce

Squeeze for yourself, those peppers are natural.

They’ve Got Something Here

Web 2.o, or social media, has changed the way we interact and primarily the way we sell. The faceless corporation must force itself to be unmasked. The small business owner is now thriving in the margin with all of the free outlets available to them. Going viral is the new big break. FlavourFull Creations is carving out a presence on the social networks that is getting noticed. It goes slowly but it goes. There are no less than 300 social media sites/outlets vying for your traffic. There are really about 15 top social media sites that are worth trying to have a robust and content-rich presence for your business.

Keeping up with Socials

What is now left to do is to clearly define what each social presence will contribute to the overall goal of internet presence, brand awareness and ultimately your target consumer buying your product. There are templates that are perfect for the startup to help organize a strategy.

Going Postal

When creating on online marketing strategy on your own, with little to no background in internet marketing and strategy, the tug-o-war going on about what to post where is overwhelming to put it lightly. It’s left us feeling that way. Google had a long haul before getting into the social club but all companies need to be waiting for the rush and get poised now on google +.

Juggling home, family, an almost 1-year old + no sleep is a bit rough on the old sanity. Mistakenly, I just opened up a bunch of blogs with a let the chips fall where they may attitude which left me being busy with no presence being created. So we are going to do a good old-fashioned brainstorm.

That’s A Great Look For You

I had a rather public, at least on my end, falling out with that little known corporate networking site that begins with an “L” due to my photo being flagged for not being a picture of myself. Yeah, because no one puts a logo instead of themselves -that was sarcasm in case you didn’t catch it. In the same breath as promoting startups to create a widespread presence, I am also holding a grudge. Everything happens for a reason, and as a strong believer in fate, the miserable individual who flagged my photo has done me a favour.

In dire need of a logo, but very much lacking in funds, we had to make one. After reading this article we decided to go minimalist but evocative with the limited resources we had; MS Word, enthusiasm and a clear vision about what we want to say.

Ultimately, realising goals and moving ahead graduates to a new set of challenges. Inevitably, there will be down days but if it’s always easy and you never advance…then perhaps you won’t be doing it for much longer. You will never get more than you can handle.

Mama Flavourfull


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