Berry Blast Flax Muffins

When that sweet craving hits it can even keep you out of bed if you can’t take the edge off. After dinner it came on strong – I wanted cookies something bad. We do paleo when we have the discipline to stay away from white rice so there is always flax, almond meal coconut flour … Continue reading

Shipping is a Four-Letter Word

Anyone who has sent something other than a letter in the mail knows the pain that is being felt at FlavourFull Creations at present. The hard come down after a successful test/production of ALIMA’S on full batch scale. Our faces  were beaming as we gazed at the perfectly filled and sealed bottles standing at attention … Continue reading

The Happening That Almost Wasn’t

Peeled and prepped with my hand on the button, ready to grind down some peppery goodness. I push “high” with my pointer finger and nothing. I jiggle the workbowl still nothing. I remove it entirely then put it back on and push the button again. Nada. I unplug and replug then push again and again. … Continue reading

The Perfect Pot Of Rice ~ Demystified

In North America, northern and eastern Europe the potato is king. The staple food at the centre of some tumultuous events in history. Notably, the Irish Potato Famine which mentions the root vegetable by name. Yeeess, potato is a vegetable. For the large majority of the rest of the world a meal without rice is … Continue reading

Fun With Fruit ~ Almond Crunch Pomerapple Kiwi Salad

Even the most dynamic culinarians need some musing every now and then. I was totally inspired upon seeing this really cool mint & pomegranate salsa. Admittedly, I have not yet tossed myself up a batch but seeing that I had a huge pomegranate on hand… I decided to do something fun with it. The pomegranate … Continue reading