New Venture or Nuthouse?

So you wanna be an entrepreneur? Now that we have already
established that you are crazy, we can get on to the rest of the
post. To forgo an all but guaranteed wage with clear expectations
from a bonafide employer in exchange for the opposite defies all
logic and reason at first glance. We are not in the early days of
industrial England so we have worker’s rights, compensation and a
whole host of other benefits that make the work for wage set up the
most sensible option. e24cfae7f84287c076a251ad29dd373a_L-350x250But there are those of us
who view those as fetters more than crutches. Having to be in on
your company’s time with some power-tripping supervisor, who was
the same serf you were not more than a month earlier, lecturing you
about be 5 minutes late. Slaving over a super-important task that
will be deemed unnecessary after you’ve become an insomniac due to
it. Let’s not forget rush hour which couldn’t be dreamier than on
the TTC. But I digress, I don’t want my Toronto to show too much.
If you are visiting Toronto from out of
town and want to blend in with the locals, gripe about the TTC.
commuters-torontoEverything has it’s
disadvantages and advantages and one has to look at the economy of
one’s situation. By economy, finance or money is not the only
issue. Economy of what is important to you or essential for your
well-being. Mentally, Spiritually, Socially or any other aspect
that may or may not fall into those three main areas. Every
individual would prioritise those things differently. How often
have you heard from friends or family members, I dream of starting
my own business one day. Or If I ran my own business I would do
such-and-such…. Granted, being an entrepreneur is not for
everyone but some common cop outs
misconceptions include:

“There are already so many people doing
“It probably
won’t work anyway”
“Going into business for yourself is too

There is nothing new under
the sun and everybody may already be doing “x” but are they doing
it like you? You may fail. Like most marriages, 50% of small
business endeavours do not succeed.

At the pow-wow with my accountant, she
counseled us and said, “there will be days were you will say to
yourself ‘is it always going to be like this?'”. TRUE. Not only
have we taken a risk in life but as the founder of FlavourFull
Creations, we pride ourselves on taking risks in the kitchen. I am
sitting through one of those right now. As you can see it started
out well enough.


I guarantee
you…it’s not ending well. Testing seems to be the theme of the
month right now in the FlavourFull household. Gold is tested in
fire so here’s hoping that what comes out will be as valuable and
genuine and of course,


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