Keep it on the up & up

WELL I’m a day late on the weekly update and so much has gone on (of good) this week that I’ve got no angle. No gripes. It’s been one big long upswing. The only possible downside is that we are going to do our first ever tax filing on Monday as a business. Perhaps next weeks will be a huge downswing.see-eye-to-eye

Success no°1

Last week I mentioned the setback of our label designer and ourselves not seeing eye to eye. That is a thing of last week! I have put a sneek peek here. We are thoroughly satisfied. Having a great outfit gives you great confidence when facing the world or a person whose approval is important. Having Alima’s properly packaged makes us feel almost like good parents with a clean, nurtured and well-groomed child that everyone loves to hug and play with.

An aside, for all the entrepreneurs that are out there, there are just as many who wish they could but are afraid, for one reason or another, to take the proverbial plunge and get behind their very own upstart. One poignant reason for trepidation is the fear of having a very bad falling out with someone you have contracted services from or a fellow entrepreneur that you may have struck a deal with. Clear communication, respect and putting yourself in the other person’s shoes are one way to actively avoid such sad outcomes.

Success no°2

While still slow, our marketing strategy seems to be going in the right direction. Our competition is following us back on Twitter aaaanddd we even met with a local entrepreneur to discuss possible collaboration in the future.

buzz-air-london-urban-beekeeping-takes-off_14411We even had another kitchen offer when previously it had been so agonizing to even find one to rent monthly, which we were not even able to do. Though still small, there is some buzz.

Success no°3

Some fundamental recipe tweaking, yes I know, was needed which brought an enslaught of scolding re: cost from my numerophilic partner. As much as I am personally prepared to eschew reaffrimative nods and “uh-huhs” as morphing excel sheets and macros are presented to me, I cannot. I have to understand the numbers of the business. Initially dreading what the perceived impact would be, happily, the change to the bottom line had a minimal effect that is on course to essentially dissolve at a certain production volume. Woo hoo!

Success no°4

In the very first post we were under the impression that due to the seasonality of a key ingredient, we had to halt production and wait. After some recipe testing, we realised that that is not the case. This means that we can start producing right away and start are B2B targeting. This is the most fantastic news of all.

In summary, the overwhelming success is feeling comfortable in our entrepreneurial skin. There’s been response, propositioning and chatter. Check out the Resources page to see some great links and titles with loads of guidance for anyone looking to up their business profile and truly connect with their customers.

Mama FlavourFull


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