New Venture or Nuthouse?

So you wanna be an entrepreneur? Now that we have already established that you are crazy, we can get on to the rest of the post. To forgo an all but guaranteed wage with clear expectations from a bonafide employer in exchange for the opposite defies all logic and reason at first glance. We are … Continue reading

Recipe Testing Series 2 of 3 — The Test Group

You’re a small startup and you want to cast a wide enough net to get a realistic sampling of whether or not your niche will like your product. So, you call up the best consulting firms that you can find and send off a cheque to cover the incentives, supplies and the work of analyzing … Continue reading

Recipe Testing Series 1 of 3 – Setting up

I mentioned in the last post that we had to do some recipe tweaking at a fundamental level for ALIMA’S. In this three-part series, we’ll focus on our experience with reformulating and testing the Alima’s recipe. While we are not religiously organic & natural eaters – give me a minute while I dust this empty … Continue reading

Keep it on the up & up

WELL I’m a day late on the weekly update and so much has gone on (of good) this week that I’ve got no angle. No gripes. It’s been one big long upswing. The only possible downside is that we are going to do our first ever tax filing on Monday as a business. Perhaps next … Continue reading

Is pizza the Canadian staple food?

After some major advances this week, I am just zonked and it’s only Wednesday. The kitchen is the most lively place in the FlavourFull home but standing over a stove was not high on the list at all. Feeling as if I deserved a break, all I could think about was ordering a pizza. We … Continue reading