Sometimes I feel…like a Plate Spinner

As soon as you set them, they start to drop. Like launching the space shuttle, there are so many considerations and contingencies that have to be considered when launching a business. You may be intuitive, as I am, but you cannot tell the future and without question there will be problems and dilemmas that will arise.

Our launch product, Alima’s African pepper sauce, stars a seasonal crop that is best procured from Jamaica.  The Jamaican scotch bonnet is seasonal and highly perishable. We learned that the dead of winter poses a problem in terms of crop availability when it comes to produce a hot pepper sauce. At the moment, our star ingredient is in relative hibernation.

But every dark cloud has a silver lining since how we learned this is that we are able to find a local wholesaler that to sell the scotch bonnets we require at a fantastic price! The sub-theme of this week’s journey was not being able to find the right fit in terms of contracted services. Due to the seasonal nature of the peppers we use, freezer space is a integral part of day-to-day operations.  Wonderfully, there are many freezer companies here in Toronto that offer great services like co-packing and delivery in refrigerated trucks. Whew…all of which we don’t need, right now. So finding this wholesaler was certainly a victory even though it is delayed.

All the energy and time that goes into putting up the budget plate, and the marketing plate then the distribution plate we dropped the very first plate, the recipe. Fortunately, it can be picked up and back on the stand again. As an entrepreneur, as in life, you have to hurry up and wait. All of the production ducks are in a row as the bottles are arrived and the processing method and timings are in assembly line order but we have to wait on the peppers.

The natural reaction may be to huff and pout but these setbacks allow for attention on other important matters. The sun, the rain and the seasons are, praise the Lord, out of my control so we can continue plugging away at the business plan while we wait.find-meaning-in-tedious-work


Found a scotch bonnet wholesaler at a low cost

Received bottles for the hot sauce


Main ingredient out of season

In limbo with freezer space

STILL, do not have a kitchen.

Mama FlavourFull


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