Leftovers Are Luxurious

Wasting food was a big no-no growing up which was perhaps a propeller to my love of all things culinary. Simple, good food is just that. Knowing the interplay between different ingredients is what brings out delicious recipes not just a smattering of inherently good ones with no consideration of their synergy. The feature image is a play-by-play of what was whipped up with the residuals from a mushroom & clam lasagna in béchamel sauce from the night before. I had mushroom stems, leftover béchamel, clam juice with some mushroom broth and a sweet potato that was all but forgotten.

It was a pretty basic starting with sauteing onions, garlic, salt, pepper and some parsley until soft then adding the remaining ingredients one by one. Simmering and pulverising with an immersion blender.

©crushull photography

©crushull photography

The finished result pictured above was garnished with a bit of heavy cream, dried parsley and a dollop of ALIMA’S in Original. Sorry no smell-o-vision.

Mama FlavourFull

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