So, what’s the plan? The business plan.

Ahh the business plan. Every entrepreneur’s worst nightmare best friend. If you are seeking a loan or want to attract investors they are key, in fact, mandatory. It serves as a clear mapping of all the components of your company, the strongest and weakest parts of your outfit, for you, the business owner — if … Continue reading

Sometimes I feel…like a Plate Spinner

As soon as you set them, they start to drop. Like launching the space shuttle, there are so many considerations and contingencies that have to be considered when launching a business. You may be intuitive, as I am, but you cannot tell the future and without question there will be problems and dilemmas that will … Continue reading

Leftovers Are Luxurious

Wasting food was a big no-no growing up which was perhaps a propeller to my love of all things culinary. Simple, good food is just that. Knowing the interplay between different ingredients is what brings out delicious recipes not just a smattering of inherently good ones with no consideration of their synergy. The feature image … Continue reading

The ‘R’ word.

This is the first of what will hopefully be many exciting posts. This blog is for documenting the nuts ‘n’ bolts of what goes into launching and branding a business. So let’s jump right in, shall we? Research was the theme of this week but is a permanent component for any entrepreneur. Like many, where … Continue reading